Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tylor Swift Street Style

Hi Dolls :)

Has anyone realized how Taylor swift changed her style in this one year. 
She became much fashionable glam woman compare to her past years. 
She became glamorous woman and she mixes retro patterns and styles in her outfits .
She usually prefers to wear high waist-ed shorts and skirts . Compare to retro styling she usually chooses 70's , 60's style patterns. 
Taylor Swift found herself in Retro Glam . 
As the years goes by she made radical decisions and choose a style to prevent her self. 
She cut her hair also . And as we can see she seems happy about that . 
Another styling tip that I 've realized from Taylor Swift. She often wears red lipstick as well. 

Long Sleeved Shirt Collar Dress with pearls reminds as simplicity of begining of 60's 
Her Shoes are definitely looks vintage (but it's reproduction) 
Her Hand bag seems like 60's hand bags . 

From Left To Right:

Friday, July 24, 2015

What's in My Bag

Hi Dolls :) 

Today I ' m going to share with you my bag. I just came from work and all of my daily routine stuffs are inside of this bag. I picked up my camera and started to take pictures for you. 

I 've always been organized person. To do that i bought pouches . I used to be unorganized person after i discovered pouch bags i ' ve became one of organized freaks . 

You're going to see what i'm talking about.

1.  Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Noe Bag

This bag is from Lv . I've got it recently . And it's multi-functional . it's a big bag and it has zipper pockets inside of it. 

2.  Forever New Make-up Bag

I used to have a LV make-up pounch but i bored of it . I just recently buy this makeup bag from Australian brand "ForeverNew"  it reminds me retro spring/summer times back in 50's :) 

3. Girly Bag 

This is my as i call it "my girly bag" It has lots of stuffs in which indicates self-hygiene product. There are products like hand-sanitizers , moisturizers , tampons , genital hygiene stuffs.

4. My LV Wallet

This wallet is my everything . It keeps my money  , my credit cards , business cards being organized. It has a pocket for changes. 

5.Tomford Sunglasses

This sun glass is my everything. It is my holly-grail . I never stopped using it . I have other glasses too but this one is special to me . It is really expensive sunglasses but definitely it deserves .

6.My Swissco

This brush is same as Tangle -Teezer and also it is really cheap . It is so handy . 

7.My Pill Box

I do carry my medicines with me because you dont know what's gonna happen to your body . I just carry it with me just for emergency. 

8. My Headphone + Headphone Case

This is just a regular headphones. These are from a German brand called "schineder". 

And the case is from a local market . Fabric is plastic . I always carry my headphones with a case it protects headphones and also your headphones won't be detangled.

10.My Agenda

As I told you before I 'm organized person . So I like to plan thing in an agenda .

11. My Key

This key is a cheap plastic key. The reason i love this thing it tells me :)

I hope you liked it :)

Thank you all for your support:)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Top 8 Summer Dresses for Every Occasion

Hi Dolls ,

As you know summer is finally here  . We can wear our cute dresses , skirts , and nice tshirts and shirts finally . Today I'm going to show you some dresses for every occasion. 

You may reach and buy that clothes from the sites that i'll link downblow . 

And the good thing is they are all in sale:)

  1. Floral Swing Dress

2. French Style Polkadot Dress

3.Pretty Picnic Dress

4. Wind Of the Watercolor Dress

5.Apulse Of Attraction Dress

6.Mainstay By My side Dress

7.Directors Cut Date Dress

  1. Flore Once In My Life Dress